Net Positive - Our progress so far

We have made excellent progress against our Net Positive targets and are continuing to do more

Since launching our Net Positive targets in 2016 we have:

  • Reduced carbon emissions by 62%.  Our portfolio emitted approximately 18,000 tonnes CO2e less in 2019 than in 2015 even though it is larger.
  • Increased our recycling rate from 69% to 78%, diverting 4000 tonnes of resources away from landfill and waste to energy
  • Improved building water intensity by 29%, reducing landlord water demand by over 80,000M3
  • Supported 100s of people with our employment and training, health and well-being and enterprise skills.
  • Supported our tenants in reducing their environmental impacts through improved energy and resource efficiency standards for retail fit-outs

A summary of our progress to date is available hereAchieving Net Positive - June 2020 update

Balancing Projects

We constantly strive to minimise our environmental impacts through good management and efficiency and continue to achieve impressive annual reductions

However achieving our Net Positive targets will require the further reduction of impacts through offsetting and insetting projects.  Offsetting is a controversial and developing area so we have set out our approach and the processes we apply to ensure any offset projects we undertake generate robust, additional positive impacts.  

A summary of our approach is available here:  Balancing Projects - Hammerson's Approach to the offsetting and insetting of environmental impacts