Read about the best bits, and the challenges of our Positive Places work, as shared by our Head of Sustainability Louise Ellison...

Life Less Plastic

2 Jun 2017

Hammerson employees from 10 retail destinations across the UK, including the Bullring in Birmingham, have been working together to become more sustainable through everyday acts. The teams are part of a challenge on The Butterfly Bank, a platform where companies can invite employees to find, take and record actions to do a little good. Since the end of 2015 the nearly 400 strong team of employees from Hammerson have banked an impressive 52,000 actions. Every action recorded on the site banks ‘virtual butterflies’ a currency designed to reflect the fact that the number of butterflies indicate the health of our environment.

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Launching our new Net Positive Objective

24 Mar 2017

I am delighted to be able to announce Hammerson’s Net Positive initiative this week. We are setting out a new objective under Hammerson Positive Places, to become Net Positive for carbon emissions, water demand, resource use and socio-economic impacts by 2030. And we are including not just our emissions but the emissions of the tenanted areas of our assets and our development projects. We are also including the impacts of our investments so everything we do across the business and in all operating countries contributes to our Net Positive objective.

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Time Truck and CITiZAN go Christmas Shopping!

24 Jan 2017

Guest blog by CiTIZAN about their experience in Westquay, Southampton

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Seeing is Believing – Private Sector Investment making a real difference

5 Dec 2016

Guest blog by Dan Stickland, Economic Development and Skills, Southampton City Council

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Hammerson and Sir Robert McAlpine Natural Capital Workshop

4 Nov 2016

Hammerson and Sir Robert McAlpine Natural Capital Workshop

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Teenage Market Comes to Leeds

30 Jun 2016

Tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in Leeds

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​The rise and rise of Socially Responsible Investment

5 Apr 2016

JP Morgan recently held a very interesting Socially Responsible Investment conference. The fact that JP Morgan has enough interest from its investor clients to hold a two day SRI conference is indicative of a marked change in how the investor community views environmental, social and governance issues and their implications for investment portfolios.

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