Charity Partnerships and Bursary

Our employees are enthusiastic supporters of many charities and voluntary organisations and we see it as important that as a business we support this. We take a group wide approach to our philanthropic activities with group wide charity partners who are selected based on their impact, relevance to our priority themes and to our employees. We also have a local bursary, directed by the assets to enable them to support the most relevant organisations for their region. The allocation of these local bursaries are guided by a set of priorities as outlined below.

Every two years Hammerson selects two charity partners to work with. These are selected on the basis of a staff vote.  A short list, developed from staff suggestions, is drawn up and the short listed charities are invited in to present at a breakfast meeting. The staff are all then invited to vote and the two winning charities are announced.  

The selected charities receive a cash donation but, more importantly, an opportunity to develop a relationship with the business and our employees.

Staff are incredibly supportive of this process and feel a real sense of engagement with the charities selected.  We feel that having a two year relationships gives sufficient time to develop a really productive working relationship.  We are encouraged to fund raise for the charity in a variety of ways from bake sales to marathons.  

The charities selected for 2016 - 2018 are Alzheimers Society and Macmillan Cancer Support.  

Hammerson Positive Local Places Bursary Scheme

Each year our Shopping Centre staff select a local charity to be the recipient of our annual bursary.  A wide range of local organisations benefit from a cash donation of £5000 and a strengthening and supportive relationship with their local Shopping Centre. In 2016 we supported charities range from a local food banks in Glasgow to a local health charity in Southampton.


In order to ensure our charitable work can be locally directed, but remains focused and therefore more effective, we have set four priority areas.  These are the areas of socio-economic impact where we believe we have the greatest potential for positive change.  

Priority area 1: Health and well-being

Priority area 2: Young people

Priority area 3: Enterprise, Skills and employment

Priority area 4: Regeneration

We do not support charities with religious or political affiliations.  


Our guiding priorities align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals: 


If you are interested in applying for funding under our Local Positive Places scheme or directly from our corporate donations download and complete one of the application forms.  

For further information on the applications process for our Charity Partnerships please contact us at

Match Funding and the Haiti Appeal

Hammerson employees raise money for a wide range of other organisations. The company provides match funding of up to £250 per employee for any charitable fund raising activity. This goes to support a number of different causes in the UK and France. In 2014 this included support for the setting of an official Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon completed whilst dressed as tap. The charity in question - Water Aid of course!

If you are a Hammerson employee and are interested in applying for match funding for a charity fund raising activity please contact the Sustainability Team.

Every two years a group of Hammerson staff head to Haiti to provide support to people who are still struggling to cope with the aftermath of the terrible earthquake in 2010.  A small group of staff spend 2 weeks helping out and generally supporting an incredibly hard working on the ground team.  A container is taken out containing a huge range of supplies donated by staff from across the business which are distributed on arrival.  Competition for places on the trip is fierce and the experience is pretty grueling but ultimately incredibly rewarding.

Find more information on Hammerson's latest Haiti visit here