Our Chief Executive's Vision

“It's quite clear that the good progress being made by us and others in our sector in reducing our environmental impacts is not sufficient to bring about the change we need if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change. What we really need to do is reduce our negative impacts to zero and then beyond zero – to make sure that we make a net positive contribution to the environment and to society too. Understanding this has encouraged us to make a bold Net Positive commitment for the business. ”

David Atkins, Chief Executive

Our Positive Places Vision

Short on time? Discover our vision for creating places that deliver Net Positive impacts, introduced by Chief Executive David Atkins. 

The transcript for Our Positive Places Vision is available here.

Our Net Positive Objective

Hear about our new Positive Places objective from a range of stakeholders, including Head of Sustainability for Hammerson Louise Ellison.   More on becoming Net Positive, including an animation to outline the objective, can be found here.